September 3, 2017

“This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven,” Matthew 6:9

The beginning of the Lord’s Prayer gives us three ideas to consider: the relationship between God and man, the brotherhood of man, and our relationship with mankind.

As we consider God as Father, we see a relationship that is likened to a father and a child. For some, this is inconceivable because of abuse or neglect and creates a fearful image. But God is life. He created us, and he loves us. He promises his faithfulness, and, unlike human beings, he never breaks his promise. As believers, we are a community with the common goal of being an example of God’s presence and love to those around us. Lastly, we do not live in this world alone. We are a part of the bigger picture—God’s world. And God wants us to pray, not only for ourselves or loved ones, but for all mankind.

There is no greater force than the power of prayer. When we pray, something changes. Prayer calls on God’s resurrecting power to do what we cannot do—transform and redeem.

Prayer:  Father God, help me to pray not only for myself and loved ones but also for those who need your love today. Amen.