March 5, 2018

Too long have I lived among those who hate peace. I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war. Psalm 120:6

War is defined as a state of hostility or conflict between opposing forces. We usually think of war as being between states or nations. But perhaps our biggest war is waged within ourselves.

Most of us struggle with the right course of action to take and/or our reaction to the circumstances in our lives. We often seek retaliation for a harm done rather than seeking reconciliation. We are more than likely to be offended by someone’s remark than to take into account their situation first.  Our own self-absorption stands in our way of peace—that state of tranquility that comes from within us first.

Prayer:  Holy God, help me to understand the war that wages within me so that I can truly seek peace first within, then with those around me. Amen.