September 1, 2018

To continue our year of devotionals devoted to the topic of peace, excerpts from 40 Days, A Journey of Prayer will be used for the remainder of 2018.


There is conflict between accepting life as we would have it and life as it really is. Most of us have a vision for our lives and the lives of those around us. Unfortunately, life is precarious, and we are powerless over many things. Consequently, life may not turn out the way we envision. Instead of accepting the reality, we try to force solutions and constantly take control to achieve that imagined life, which in many situations creates chaos and confusion.

However, if we take a step back and look at hardship with a different perspective, we might find that it offers us not only information but also awareness. If we refrain from control and manipulation, then a more peaceful environment develops. If freedom from conflict is a strategy for peace, then removing ourselves from situations that are not our responsibility can bring an end to the chaos and struggle of our lives. Then, we can be an instrument of peace instead of an instrument of discord; and our lives, and the lives of those around us, become the foundation for peace and harmony.

Prayer for the Week

Most holy God, bring me into your light, and breathe into me the courage to look at myself honestly. Open my eyes and my mind to fully see and understand my behaviors that cause chaos and disharmony in my life as well as the lives of those around me. I humbly ask for the boldness to change. Forgive me my arrogance and pride, and instill in me a peaceful heart so that I may be an example of your amazing grace and mercy. In your name I pray. Amen. 

From 40 Days, A Journey of Prayer.